Every transformation needs a foundation

Implement your strategic initiatives easier, faster and more effectively with the qibri Guideline Collaboration System.

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Alignment with the organization.

No matter what the change, qibri creates the basis for flexibilization and harmonization of all your workflows and influences the behavior of employees.

Post Merger Integration




qibri knows no limit

The same applies to harmonization, outsourcing, contractor management, cost savings, knowledge retention, growth, compliance, CSR and much more.

Achieve impact with qibri

Discover Relevant Information

For all employees

High individual relevance

Guidelines communicate how work should be done (e.g. checklists, templates) - we bring them individually to each and every employee.


For authors & experts

Cross silo cooperation

"Communities of Practice" create the venue for structured, cross-cutting collaboration.

Impact monitoring

For (Transformation) Managers

Impact monitoring

Analyses of the use of guidelines provide the opportunity to measure the impact of the initiatives and to intervene in a steering manner.

Benefits brought to you by qibri

Activate your idle business know-how and save time, money and nerves.

Per year you will save with 90 % probability more than:

€ 1.9 million

Included therein:

Use qibri for your Agile Transformation Digitization Post-Merger Integration Cost saving

We don't just provide an IT system, we deliver impact. That's why we also ensure the right methodology, data inventory and rollout to all stakeholders. Find out how easy it is to boost your agenda with qibri.

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Focused on your impact

qibri is tailored so that your strategic initiative can achieve maximum impact.

Focus & Simplicity
Guidance can only be applied if it can be found. Usability and relevance are therefore in 1st place at qibri.
Reconciliation & Release
More than one person contributes to the decision? No problem, qibri obtains informal feedback and then provides official approval as well.
Structure & Clarity
Taxonomies provide a clear structure and are flexible at the same time. This makes collaboration easy.

How qibri comes into your business:

We implement qibri completely and you can concentrate on your business

One time

Correct setup


Status quo, requirements, benefits, implementation plan

Correct integration

Buy-in & roll-out

Specifications, taxonomies, roles, processes

Correct data

Inventory & Migration

Identification & metadata capture of all guidelines


Correct integration

SaaS system

Hosting, customer service, further development

Correct data

Impact protection

Continuous improvement

Discover the hidden potential within your company

The 1st step to a functioning Guideline Collaboration System is our Guidance Mapping. A 5-week process in which we identify the potential of qibri for your company. Interested?