Tame the complexity.
It's possible.

Sprawling complexity paralyzes decisions, processes and transformation.

qibri makes it easy for businesses to streamline collaboration, create synergies and activate employees - with intelligent guideline management.

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Complexity is a problem...

No matter the industry or size, inefficiency and paralysis eventually steal away from your company’s impact and productivity.

Employees spend too much time searching for answers.

The wheel gets reinvented and errors repeated over and over.

Lack of consistency and missing standardization lead to unnecessary costs.

Transformation initiatives are hard to realize and have limited impact.

Many different types of guidelines shape the way employees and companies work. But if left uncoordinated and outdated, they add to the complexity and lead to confusion.
"This pictures shows a net out of tools, softwares, linked to people and shows the chaos and unclear path of tasks and tools. It is the world without qibri" "This pictures shows a net out of tools, softwares, linked to people and shows the chaos and unclear path of tasks and tools. It is the world without qibri"

without qibri

Each organizational unit has to create its own repositories for their guidelines - using different methodologies, formats, software systems and communication channels.

with qibri

qibri provides all organizational units with one place, where they can easily create, align & manage their guidelines and communicate them to the relevant people in the organization.

Impact of effective guideline coordination.


Search time

Basierend auf Studien mit über 300
Unternehmen beträgt die
durchschnittliche Suchzeit für eine
Guideline 30 Minuten. qibri
ermöglicht es jedem Mitarbeiter und
jeder Mitarbeiterin, jede Guideline in
weniger als 3 Minuten zu finden.


Transformation impact

Guidelines are crucial for shaping employee
behavior. But due to their inaccessibility,
transformation initiatives fail to use them as
a lever for change. qibri makes it easy for
transformation initiatives to access and
adapt guidelines, also bypassing internal
politics, making transformations
3 times more effective.
up to 30%

Material / service costs saved

Purchasing costs are primarily driven by
technical and functional requirements,
defined by experts spread across the
organization – resulting in lost economies
of scale. qibri introduces cross-silo alignment
among experts, leading to savings of 5-30%
in each purchasing category.

What is the benefit potential for your company?

How qibri makes a difference

Progress Step

One tool, designed for guidelines

Guidelines need to be more than just put in "a pile". We tame complexity with a system that is structured, relevant and easy to use for employees, experts and managers.

Progress Step 2

Fitted to your company

Every company has its individual ways of doing things. We tailor our proven guideline management methodology to your governance, terms, roles and tools.

Progress Step 3

Made to work

So that you can continue to focus on your ongoing business initiatives, we do not only provide the software, but also take care of data collection and system rollout - saving you 90% of the effort.

And NO, your standard tools won’t do.

In our 15 years of experience managing guidelines, we have learned that standard IT tools are a bad choice. Developed with a different purpose in mind, they require extensive customization and are expensive to implement & maintain.

Key problems of "do-it-yourself" implementations, based on standard IT tools

Examples and types of standard IT tools we have dealt with in the past

What decision makers say about us

C-level managers, SVPs, function heads, and transformation managers create impact with qibri

Basically, guidelines are what makes a company - apart from employees and assets.​

Energy & Process company

I never thought that guidelines could be so "sexy". 6 months ago, I was proud that I had never fully read any of these documents.​

Technology Group

It always depends on the people, you have to find the right balance. Guidance, then, contributes to the protection of the company and also of the employees.

Manufacturing company
CFO & Sales