The most boring game changer for your business.

Give all of your employees a personalized guidance system that seamlessly supports their daily work, and unlock new levels of productivity and transformation for your business.

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Enterprise SaaS for your guiding documents

Guiding documents deserve your attention. Because the day-to-day work of employees – and thus all transformation initiatives – are significantly shaped by guiding documents.


of the documents

Guiding documents


per year / employee


Guiding documents are accessed on average 152 times per year by every employee.

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Know-how – know where or get nowhere.

Current systems fail when it comes to organizing guiding documents. They’re too unstructured and static.

Do-it-yourself and off-the-shelf software do not solve problems. They create new ones.

Without qibri:

qibri creates the framework so that you can concentrate on your initiatives.

With qibri:

What qibri brings you

Activate your idle company know-how and save your time, money and nerves.

With 90% probability, in a year you save more than:

€ 1,875,414

This takes into account:

Use qibri for your Transformation Digitalization Post-merger integration Acquisition integration

We don’t just offer an IT system, we deliver an impact. Therefore, we also ensure the correct methodology, data inventory and implementation for all stakeholders. Find out how easy it is to add wings to your agenda with qibri.

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Key features for everyone

qibri offers a unique mix of functions with a focus on structure, application and effect – for all stakeholders.

Impact dashboard


Setup by experts

Semantic analysis

Predictive guidance

Intelligent profile


Connection with MS Teams, intranet, process systems, ERP, CRM, DMS and much more.

Dynamic coordination & approvals

qibri can do even more

Automatic translation, comprehension checks, collaboration spaces, on-site application, simultaneous versioning, topic taxonomy, etc.

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