How we calculate savings

Our 40+ years of experience in this space enables us to conservatively estimate the benefits synergy can bring to any company.

Synergy saves time

Employees need to know how to do their jobs. Managers need easy oversight of the projects and initiatives that they’re responsible for. And executives need a comprehensive overview of the work their company is doing. The qibri platform creates this synergy between all levels of the organization.

  • Employees save time:
    • The qibri platform saves approximately thirty minutes every time an employee needs to look for (or help a co-worker look for) a „how-to“ document. We conservatively estimate this happens to each individual contributor twice each month, for a savings of approximately 12 hours per employee per year.
    •  The qibri platform also greatly reduces the chance that employees will spend time „reinventing the wheel“  — either in their own work or in similar roles in different departments. We conservatively estimate a 5% time savings of administrative work across the organization every year by preventing this inefficiency.
  • Managers & top experts save time:
    •  The qibri platform saves managers as well as experienced employees time when they’re onboarding new employees. We conservatively estimate (1) 10% employee turnover every year, and (2) that training one new employee takes an average of 12 workdays (or 84 hours) per new employee, for a savings of 84,000 training hours per year in a company of 1000 people.
    •  The qibri platform provides managers easy access to integrated information about the status of the projects and initiatives they’re responsible for. No more pulling together information from three different dashboards and four different project tools for status updates. We conservatively estimate a savings of 300 hours per project or initiative per year.
  • Executives save time:
    The qibri platform integrates the work that everyone in the company does, making strategic initiatives more efficient and effective, because everyone is aligned on the goals and the work that’s needed to reach them. We conservatively estimate a savings of 5% of each C-level executive’s time every year, due to efficiency gains within the company and a lowered need for „corrective management.“

Synergy saves money

It’s impossible to make optimal purchasing decisions 100% of the time. But most companies overspend far more than they ought to. 

  • Coordination of purchasing decisions:
    The qibri platform harmonizes inefficient purchasing decisions by creating transparency across the organization, leading to greater purchasing power and economies of scale. In an industry which spends 20% of its personnel costs on purchasing raw materials or supplies, we conservatively estimate a 5% savings every year – with a upper bound of as much as 30%.

Synergy enables growth

Whether it’s organic growth, an innovation initiative, or a strategic acquisition, growth is easier if everyone is on the same page. 

  • Successful growth initiatives:
    The qibri platform connects top-level growth initiatives to the daily work of every employee, leading to synergy, efficiency, and positive outcomes. We conservatively estimate that qibri creates a 5% increase in efficiency of strategic growth projects

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Up to 30% material/service costs saved

with qibri

Why we say that:
Purchasing costs are primarily driven by technical and functional requirements, defined by experts spread across the organization – resulting in lost economies of scale. qibri introduces cross-silo alignment among experts, leading to savings of 5-30% in each purchasing category.

3x transformation impact

with qibri

Why we say that:
Guidelines are crucial for shaping employee behavior. But due to their inaccessibility, transformation initiatives fail to use them as a lever for change. qibri makes it easy for transformation initiatives to access and adapt guidelines, also bypassing internal politics, making transformations 3 times more effective.

-90% search time

with qibri

Why we say that:
Based on studies conducted with 300+ companies, the average search time for a guideline amounts to 30 minutes. qibri allows every employee to find any guideline within less than 3 minutes.


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