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Retain corporate knowledge
in times of employee turnover.

Critical success for every company hinges on guidelines.

The ability to secure, develop and leverage guidelines on an ongoing basis is becoming increasingly crucial to success.

  1. Guidelines are the key to preventing errors and maximizing efficiency and quality.
  2. High-quality and user-friendly guidelines provide employees with clarity and stability, resulting in increased employee loyalty.
  3. Coordinated guidelines prevent contradictions and conflicts and encourage synergistic effects.
  4. You can only maintain competitive advantage if your corporate knowledge is distributed correctly.

When employees leave the company, their valuable knowledge and expertise often leave with them, making it necessary for companies to undertake costly and time-consuming efforts to rebuild this know-how. 

The task of a guideline management system is to gather the applicable knowledge (=know-how) that is spread out across the company and make it easily accessible for further development and use.

Pie chart. Percentage of lost revenue due to lost know-how based on Frauenhofer study.

Loss of know-how can be expensive.

Lost know-how affects business success directly and indirectly. According to the Frauenhofer Institute, losses average 8.5% and can affect up to 40% of the revenue.

Retain expertise within the company

When the old guard leaves the company, a knowledge gap is often created, which requires significant effort and resources to fill.


Fortunately, all that is in the past now.

qibri's software makes it easier to keep the knowledge of your "old" employees and managers within the company. Book a demo appointment now and discover for yourself the next gamechanger for your company!

Features developed specifically for know-how retention 

qibri can be used in many ways, but is particularly outstanding in the area of know-how retention.

Easily capture, organize and retain know-how

In order to retain know-how, it must first be recorded. With qibri's intuitive interface and our speech-to-text feature, your employees' knowledge can be recorded quickly and efficiently.

Develop guidelines in cross-generational communities

Information critical to the success of your business often gets siloed and becomes inaccessible. Give all your employees and experts the tools and processes to define their workflows together - working across department lines.

Avoid mistakes with individually tailored instructions

When employees let qibri know where and what they are working on, they receive intelligent search results based on what qibri has learned from their user behavior.

Apps, which are integrated with qibri as Sharepoint, Teams, OneDrive, Jira, Notion, and many more

Integrate qibri into the existing system landscape

Leave the professional setup to us, so you can start using it as soon as possible. qibri helps you achieve your business goals more easily as well as make better use of your industry standards.

What decision makers say about us

C-level managers, SVPs, function heads, and transformation managers create impact with qibri

Basically, guidelines are what makes a company - apart from employees and assets.​

Energy & Process company

I never thought that guidelines could be so "sexy". 6 months ago, I was proud that I had never fully read any of these documents.​

Technology Group

It always depends on the people, you have to find the right balance. Guidance, then, contributes to the protection of the company and also of the employees.

Manufacturing company
CFO & Sales

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Your yearly savings could be:


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Discover hidden productivity in your business.

Step 1 towards your coordinated guideline management system is scheduling the first meeting, in which we identify the added value qibri can bring to your company. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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Up to 30% material/service costs saved

with qibri

Why we say that:
Purchasing costs are primarily driven by technical and functional requirements, defined by experts spread across the organization – resulting in lost economies of scale. qibri introduces cross-silo alignment among experts, leading to savings of 5-30% in each purchasing category.

3x transformation impact

with qibri

Why we say that:
Guidelines are crucial for shaping employee behavior. But due to their inaccessibility, transformation initiatives fail to use them as a lever for change. qibri makes it easy for transformation initiatives to access and adapt guidelines, also bypassing internal politics, making transformations 3 times more effective.

-90% search time

with qibri

Why we say that:
Based on studies conducted with 300+ companies, the average search time for a guideline amounts to 30 minutes. qibri allows every employee to find any guideline within less than 3 minutes.

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