Transformation doesn't have
to be tough cookie .

How do you correctly eat a "Manner-Schnitte" (wafer)?

The qibri team collected their best practices from 45 years experience of eating Manner-Schnitten - now summarized in an Austrian guideline:

  1. Tear the red string all the way to the end (signaled by an arrow).
  2. Take the package in your hand and break open the top 2 layers of the Manner wafers.
  3. Eat the top layer of the Manner wafers first (4 pieces; one by one).
  4. Die einzelne Mannerschnitte richtig essen:
    • Option 1: Simply bite off - in small or very small bites
    • Option 2: Eat one wafer layer at a time
    • Option 2a: Scrape the hazelnut cream with your teeth off each layer of the wafers
    • Option 3: Eat the entire wafers piece in one gobble (not recommended)
  5. After the first 4 pieces: close the packaging.
  6. Wait for 20 seconds.
  7. Open the packaging again.
  8. Eat the rest of the Manner wafers according to step 4.

Manner etiquette department

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Target group

People with a sweet tooth

You think a step is missing or the steps are wrong? 
Or "But Transformation is a tough cookie“ ?


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