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Bringing new employees up to speed is a breeze.

There are 3 major challenges in onboarding new employees:

  1. Know-how that has been built up over many years has to be learned in a few days.
  2. Information that may only become relevant later is not part of the onboarding process.
  3. Due to the natural forgetting curve, most of what is learned is lost again.
The solution is a guideline management system that can be used for onboarding, the training phase that follows, and far beyond. All guidelines are centrally organized there. 

With qibri, the long-term, successful onboarding of new employees and executives thus becomes a real breeze.

On-the-job 'boarding' instead of onboarding

qibri offers continuing support for both introduction and integration as well as ongoing operations.

Retain expertise within the company

When the old guard leaves the company, a knowledge gap is often created, which requires significant effort and resources to fill.


Fortunately, all that is in the past now.

qibri's software makes it easier to keep the knowledge of your "old" employees and managers within the company. Book a demo appointment now and discover for yourself the next gamechanger for your company!

Features developed specifically for onboarding

qibri can be used in many ways, but is particularly outstanding in the area of onboarding and offboarding employees.

Personal relevance for ideal onboarding

Your team works partly off-site or remotely? Not a problem. With qibri you get a digital solution that everyone can access anytime and anywhere. Through its seamless integration with MS Teams and other systems, qibri enables virtual onboarding or offboarding of employees. 

Apps, which are integrated with qibri as Sharepoint, Teams, OneDrive, Jira, Notion, and many more

Integration into the existing system landscape

Leave the professional setup to us, so you can start using it as soon as possible. qibri helps you achieve your business goals more easily as well as make better use of your industry standards (not only for onboarding and offboarding).

Apps, which are integrated with qibri as Sharepoint, Teams, OneDrive, Jira, Notion, and many more

Location-based content for predictive guidance

To ensure your onboarding provides a great start to the new job for your employees in all international locations, qibri offers the automatic translation feature. The artificial intelligence of our software makes work instantly understandable for your employees in any language.

What decision makers say about us

C-level managers, SVPs, function heads, and transformation managers create impact with qibri

Basically, guidelines are what makes a company - apart from employees and assets.​

Energy & Process company

I never thought that guidelines could be so "sexy". 6 months ago, I was proud that I had never fully read any of these documents.​

Technology Group

It always depends on the people, you have to find the right balance. Guidance, then, contributes to the protection of the company and also of the employees.

Manufacturing company
CFO & Sales

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Discover hidden productivity in your business.

Step 1 towards your coordinated guideline management system is scheduling the first meeting, in which we identify the added value qibri can bring to your company. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.

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Up to 30% material/service costs saved

with qibri

Why we say that:
Purchasing costs are primarily driven by technical and functional requirements, defined by experts spread across the organization – resulting in lost economies of scale. qibri introduces cross-silo alignment among experts, leading to savings of 5-30% in each purchasing category.

3x transformation impact

with qibri

Why we say that:
Guidelines are crucial for shaping employee behavior. But due to their inaccessibility, transformation initiatives fail to use them as a lever for change. qibri makes it easy for transformation initiatives to access and adapt guidelines, also bypassing internal politics, making transformations 3 times more effective.

-90% search time

with qibri

Why we say that:
Based on studies conducted with 300+ companies, the average search time for a guideline amounts to 30 minutes. qibri allows every employee to find any guideline within less than 3 minutes.

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