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Quickly train new employees? A piece of cake!

Im Onboarding neuer Mitarbeiter:innen ergeben sich 3 große Herausforderungen:

  1. Know-how, das über viele Jahre aufgebaut wurde, muss in wenigen Tagen erlernt werden
  2. Informationen, die ggf. erst später relevant werden, sind nicht Teil des Onboardings
  3. Durch die natürliche Vergessenskurve geht der Großteil des Erlernten wieder verloren.
Die Lösung ist ein Know-how Management System, das für das Onboarding, die Einarbeitungsphase danach und weit darüber hinaus genutzt werden kann. Dort werden alle Guidelines zentral organisiert. 

Mit qibri wird das langfristig erfolgreiche Onboarding neuer Mitarbeiter und Führungskräfte so zum Kinderspiel.

On-the-job boarding instead of onboarding

qibri supports, besides introduction and integration, especially the ongoing work

What other people say

C-level managers, SVPs, function heads, and transformation managers create impact with qibri

Basically, guidelines are what makes a company - apart from employees and assets.​

Energy & Process company


I never thought that guidelines could be so "sexy". 6 months ago, I was proud that I had never read any of these documents.​

Technology group


It always depends on the people, you have to find the right balance. Guidance, then, contributes to the protection of the company and also of the employees.

Manufacturing company

Chief Financial Officer & Sales

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Per year you will save with 90 % probability more than:

€ 1.9 million

That takes into account:

Features specifically for onboarding

qibri can be used in many ways, but is particularly impressive in the area of onboarding and offboarding employees

Personal relevance for ideal onboarding

Your team works partly remotely? No problem, because with qibri you have a digital solution that everyone can access anytime and from anywhere. Through seamless integration with MS Teams and other systems, you can virtually onboard or offboard employees with qibri. 

Integrate qibri into the existing ecosystem

Leave the professional setup to us, so you can start implementing as soon as possible. qibri helps you achieve your business goals more easily and better leverage your industry standards (not only for onboarding and offboarding).

Place-based content for predictive guidance

To ensure that your employees in all international locations get off to a good start in their new job with your onboarding, qibri offers you automatic translation. The artificial intelligence of our software makes the work instantly understandable for employees in all languages.

Keeping competencies within the company

When the old hands leave the company, a knowledge gap is often left behind that must first be painstakingly filled.


Fortunately, that's over now.

qibri's software makes it easier for you to keep the knowledge of "old" employees and managers in your company. Book a demo appointment now and convince yourself of the next gamechanger for your company!


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