Leveraging synergies in post-merger integration.

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Making a greater whole out of different parts, with guideline management.

Effortless post-merger integration process.

Although the merger of two or more companies offers a great opportunity for business development, too often it is subject to failure.  

After what is usually an exhausting acquisition process comes the crucial part of post-merger integration: bringing together different parts of the newly formed company.

The most effective approach here is to organize the newly defined work methods into a central guideline management system. There you will find all the guidelines, needed to direct workflows. 

Only this way you can ensure that work is performed in accordance with the company's newly established strategy. By centralizing work methods and guidelines, you maximize synergies in the long run.

Realizing synergy potentials

qibri offers continuing support for both introduction and integration as well as ongoing operations.

Alignment and buy-in for
your post-merger (M&A) project

Sharing your vision with the team has never been done easier. By bringing all guidelines together into one central system, you create a fast and efficient alignment of new teams.

qibri facilitates buy-in from all stakeholders by conducting structured workshops during the integration phase, promoting smooth collaboration and reducing potential friction.

Features developed specifically for post-merger integration.

qibri can be used in many ways, but is particularly impressive in the area of post-merger integration.

Impact tracking for greater effectiveness of your initiatives

Measure and analyze how guidelines are accessed and how new strategies are accepted by your employees.

Communities of practice for effective collaboration

Information critical to the success of your business often gets siloed and becomes inaccessible. Give all your employees and experts the tools and processes to define their workflows together - working across department lines.

Inventory and assessment performed by our experts

Let our experts do the work for you. We set up qibri and integrate it seamlessly into your current IT landscape. In addition, we analyze your existing guidelines and incorporate them into an easy-to-understand structure within qibri.

High acceptance and approval rates, due to individually relevant content

When employees let qibri know where and what they are working on, they receive intelligent search results based on what qibri has learned from their user behavior.

What decision makers say about us

C-level managers, SVPs, function heads, and transformation managers create impact with qibri

Basically, guidelines are what makes a company - apart from employees and assets.​

Energy & Process company

I never thought that guidelines could be so "sexy". 6 months ago, I was proud that I had never fully read any of these documents.​

Technology Group

It always depends on the people, you have to find the right balance. Guidance, then, contributes to the protection of the company and also of the employees.

Manufacturing company
CFO & Sales

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Discover hidden productivity in your business.

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Up to 30% material/service costs saved

with qibri

Why we say that:
Purchasing costs are primarily driven by technical and functional requirements, defined by experts spread across the organization – resulting in lost economies of scale. qibri introduces cross-silo alignment among experts, leading to savings of 5-30% in each purchasing category.

3x transformation impact

with qibri

Why we say that:
Guidelines are crucial for shaping employee behavior. But due to their inaccessibility, transformation initiatives fail to use them as a lever for change. qibri makes it easy for transformation initiatives to access and adapt guidelines, also bypassing internal politics, making transformations 3 times more effective.

-90% search time

with qibri

Why we say that:
Based on studies conducted with 300+ companies, the average search time for a guideline amounts to 30 minutes. qibri allows every employee to find any guideline within less than 3 minutes.

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