qibri for Post Merger Integration

Leveraging synergies in post-merger integration.

Your software for structured & efficient post-merger integration

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Making a greater whole out of different parts, with know-how management.

The effortless post-merger integration process.

Although the merger of two or more companies offers a great opportunity for business development, too often it is subject to failure.  

After what is usually an exhausting acquisition process comes the crucial part of post-merger integration: reconciling the newly formed company.

The biggest lever here is organizing the newly defined work methods in a central know-how management system. There you will find all the Guidelines, which steer the workflows. 

Only this way can you ensure that work is carried out precisely, according to the newly defined strategy. This leads to a long-term impact on synergies.

Realizing synergy potentials

qibri provides support with not only the introduction and integration, but also the ongoing work.

Alignment and buy-in for
your post-merger (M&A) project

Sharing your vision with the team has never been done easier. By bringing all guidelines together into one central system, you create a fast and efficient alignment of new teams.

At the same time, qibri creates buy-in from all stakeholders, by providing structured workshops during the integration phase, and reduces friction as a result.

Features developed specifically for post-merger integration.

qibri can be used in many ways, but is particularly impressive in the area of post-merger integration.

Impact tracking for greater effectiveness of your initiatives

Measure and analyze how know-how is accessed and how new strategies are accepted by your employees.

Communities of practice for effective collaboration

Information critical to success is often siloed and becomes inaccessible. Give all your employees and experts the tools and processes to define their workflows together - working across department lines.

Inventory performed by the experts

Let our experts do the work for you. We set up qibri and integrate it seamlessly into your IT landscape. In addition, we analyze your existing know-how and incorporate it into an easy-to-understand structure within qibri.

High acceptance due to individually relevant content

When employees let qibri know where and what they are working on, they receive intelligent search results based on what qibri has learned from their user behavior.

What other people say about us.

C-level managers, SVPs, function heads, and transformation managers create impact with qibri.

„Im Grunde genommen sind Guidelines das, was ein Unternehmen ausmacht -abgesehen von Mitarbeitenden und Assets.“

Energy & Process company

„Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass Guidelines so „sexy“ sein können. Vor 6 Monaten war ich noch stolz darauf, dass ich noch nie eines dieser Dokumente gelesen hatte.“

Technology Group

„Es kommt immer auf die Menschen an, man muss das richtige Gleichgewicht finden. Die Kontrolle trägt dann zum Schutz des Unternehmens und auch der Mitarbeitenden bei.“

Manufacturing company
CFO & Sales

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